The Nevada Rapid Response Manufacturing Cluster

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The Nevada Rapid Response Manufacturing Cluster is a networked manufacturing community of Nevada based manufacturers which through the collecting and coordinating of assets, capabilities, and talents aim to support OEM requests for rapid product innovation.



To establish and empower a rapid innovation hub to thrive in Nevada which supports and engages national product innovation requests. This innovation will lead to Nevada manufacturers in acquiring lucrative launch and full production opportunities as prototypes are commercialized into production product.



The formation of a Manufacturing “ecosystem” that is networked along with the project management and public outreach mechanisms provided by Reno based innovation company, Nevada Venture Accelerator. A ecosystem entry portal called Supplier Discovery to provide a gateway to allow OEM innovation requests access to the networked manufacturing community.


The Future:

Strong focus to improving customer service through the establishment of enhanced facilities and tools. This reinforcement of the manufacturing ecosystem will further improve the cluster’s ability to deliver innovation and quality. These improvements will be achieved through the clusters’ formation and utilization of technology enhanced innovation centers and micro factory facilities.

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